The popularity of drones is starting to increase. This means that its benefits and uses are being well known and appreciated all over the world. This has been a great for many years now among drone developers because they know how majority of the people are not that familiar with the uses of drones.

More than a decade ago, drones are known as nothing but a flying robot that aims to capture great aerial view but little did people know that these drones save thousands of lives in the military because it serves as a form of defense.

With the above mentioned statement, it is no wonder why drone industry is very persistent when it comes to making the technology popular worldwide because drones are also being used by a normal person for his/her travel documentation. This review by  will give more information about the existing drones in the market and their specific uses.

There are already some companies and investors that express their interest on the technology. However, in some countries, like Philadelphia, drones are still not that acceptable.

There is an instance before when Pope John Paul visited Philadelphia and the government prohibited the use of drones for safety purposes. While some say that the reason is valid, the drone industry argued that the government is hindering the drone from being well known by the attendees.

In 2015, the US regulators issued a statement few days before the arrival of the pope. They said “Drones or any kinds of vehicles that are unmanned are prohibited on the day of the pope’s arrival”.  In addition to that, even air balloons were not allowed during the two day visit.

According to the drone developers “the issue was not that big deal, because firstly, people actually do not care about the drones since they will not actually get anything from it” which is actually true.

Also, the government said that they did that only for the sake and safety of pope and other aircraft since it may collide with other commercial aircraft.  They did not have any motive of not wanting the drone technology to get the exposure it needs.