I’m sure a few of you have noticed that the humorous story of the mind of this Russian Orthodox Church that’s been throughout the site. But in case you missed this, here it is.

What occurred was that the website of the church printed what looked like a public relations photograph of this patriarch.

Alert Russian bloggers reported the patriarch, who’d simply delivered a sermon wore a luxury and elegant wristwatch, such as Eone watch (and you may read Eone watch review for more details), that costs around $30,000. That story resulted in the photograph being substituted by another where the opinion that was offending looked.

However, bloggers discovered that though there was any view in his wrist, the watch was shown by the expression on the table! If it had been pointed out, the church substituted the photograph and cried to the substitution.

But no one alerted the patriarch for this change because he refused to possess such a watch in a ridiculous claim. Then he claimed he had appeared through the various presents he has and discovered he had received such an opinion but hadn’t worn it that the first photo was doctored to add the watch make him look bad a more clear lie.

Russian authors delivered the coup de grace by providing the church with a fresh picture where today it’s the patriarchy that’s been photoshopped away, leaving only the watch!

These heads that are spiritual are liars and Kirilli appears to be another one of the runs of the mill hypocrites, preaching morality and austerity that practicing anything different enjoys a different Pope. “Russian authors have released rumors which the patriarch includes a huge country home, a private yacht and a penchant for ski holidays in Switzerland, although none of that was proved. However, the patriarch has introduced himself as the nation’s ideology, and has just embarked on an outspoken effort of ideology, urging Christian schooling in public schools and opposing abortion and equal rights for homosexual men and women.”