Cultures have come to influence and affect their respective people for as far as everyone can remember, with culture comes different sets of practices and somehow attitudes that become dominant to people, their household, and their communities. With so much to consider and choose from, hospitality and its domineering effect to everyone is something that should definitely be preserved and taught to generations to come.

Hospitality: A Language For All Cultures

This trait that emerged as a culture is basically the act of hosting for visitors regardless of who they may be and how close they are. Hospitality revolves around politely accepting guests in your home and making them feel as wanted and comfortable as possible.

It comprises preparing food for them serving it to them and making them feel as relaxed as possible. The Filipinos who are greatly known for this trait go as far as letting their guests use their own rooms and bed, to make them feel highly prioritized and taken care of. They serve almost every food they can give, and what makes this even more heartwarming in the Philippines is that every household does this, regardless of how well off they are or not. In most cases, utmost hospitality even comes from those who don’t have much to offer but offers whatever they have anyways, and to top that all off, they do it consistently with big smiles on their faces.

The religion of hospitality doesn’t start and end on homes (that can be secured with security cameras – but also on establishments, hotels, and other spaces that should manifest such. Hospitality doesn’t end where you give it, but it will transcend to people and can greatly manifest how they welcome their guests as well. Hospitality is a manifestation that people with or without knowing each other completely may treat everyone with the same politeness, thoughtfulness, and care.