With the trend today in this modern era, technology has a unique way developing our culture and values as well. Most of these cultural development keep us to be glad in a way that we do not know. With these changes, it becomes alarming for the Christian community that the values and behaviors are being affected generally in some ways where technology transforms religion.

Meanwhile, Christians must have to deeply understand those ways in which smartphones affect us. Its effect on us individually and as a whole community must be taken with great consideration. On the other hand, we should not ignore the useful impact of smartphones in forming our spiritual being.

Ways Smartphones Affect Our Spiritual Life

Below are some of the ways in which smartphones provide a great impact to our life especially on the spiritual aspects.

1. An access to God’s Words

Smartphones generally works as mobile computing devices.

Within the smartphone technology, iPhone or Coque iPhone started the ultimate change in the utilization, development, and modification of smartphone era. Having this, various apps are widely available to give you the ease of doing some activity. One example is the Bible apps that you can use for your Bible reading plans per day. Moreover, it is more convenient to read God’s Words through the app as the process would take you to simpler steps.

2. Hear God’s Word

Listening or auditory process is one way of learning that can help us to retain the provided information. That’s why audio Bibles or listening to spiritual podcasts can heighten the input of Scriptures. This can be done anywhere and in anytime of the day.

3. Share God’s Word

Evangelism through personal interaction gives anxiety because of some insecurities and fear of acquiring questions from unbelievers. This behavior can be alleviated in case you have a quick note in your smartphone serving as your reference in answering those questions. You can jot down a detailed explanation about a Gospel or a particular Bible verse so that you can convey it to other with confidence and conviction. You can also access apps that offer spiritual books and references where you can get different passages that can help you to explain God’s Words.