Advances in technology have a way of changing the world around us. With an institution as old as religion, the means and methods of reaching your audience are bound to change over time. While there’s no real replacement for community worship and togetherness, technology is making it easier for people to study religion and feel connected to their faith. 


However, we also have to make sure that while we are making use of technology, we also have to ensure that we are protecting our religion from negative influences. 


Religion and Technology

Our religion, at all costs, must be protected by that means we have to be paying extra attention to whatever we are doing while we are using internet or the technology and social media apps like Tiktok, perhaps. If you wanted to buy Tiktok likes, check this link out here.


It’s true that this is the modern era, every day. But while you are a good samaritan on the internet and just want to inspire everybody, there are also people who are nonbelievers and would rather be spreading negative intentions on all over the internet. With that, you also have to reassure yourself that you need to protect your religion at all costs.


World Wide Web of Faith

The Internet has proven to be both a blessing and a curse to organized religion. On the one hand, the Internet provides a way for Christians to further personalize their religious experience.


Religious affiliation has declined through the era of the Internet’s pervasion. The Internet is the ultimate in the spread of information—information curated by users in whatever manner they would like. Thoughtful science videos and articles, collections of outdated beliefs, supportive communities for those leaving religion and secular spiritualism are chipping away at America’s faithful.

Religious and Technological Transcendence

The key to it all is transcendence. The promise of transcending nature, our bodies, our human natures, our lives, our deaths, our history, etc. is a fundamental part of religion which is often not explicitly recognized. This goes well beyond the common fear of death and desire to overcome it and results in a negation of all we are in an effort to become something else entirely.