In Islam, the practice of wudu is very important. Wudu is the Arabic term for Ablution which means the act of washing oneself or specific parts of the body such as the face, mouth, nostrils, arms, hands, and feet. Muslims practice wudu before their every prayer, a requirement that they have to adhere to. As part of the Islam religion, wudu ensures that the physical and spiritual sense is cleansed before facing Allah. Prayer is irrelevant if wudu had not been practiced.

How to make Wudu (Ablution)

Before the practice of wudu is the Niyaat or Intention. This means the person who is about to perform the wudu has genuine intentions. The term tahharik in the Holy Quran which literally “purify you” has always been used for wudu reasons. Cleanliness is sacred. It is important in many aspects of living and not only in a religious perspective. The practice of wudu had been scientifically proven to be the appropriate way of cleansing specific body organs.

The Hadith and the Quran mention about the importance of cleanliness many times. This furthers the high regard for purity in the religion Islam. Regardless of religion, however, cleanliness offers a lot of benefits – makes a person healthy, active, and receive the blessings and mercy of Allah. With a clean body comes wellness both physically and mentally. Therefore, it is obliged to perform wudu before prayers and even reciting the Quran. Make an effort to stay in the condition of Wudu each and every time. Wudu is an essential part of Islam. The key benefits of carrying out wudu are certainly not restricted to get virtues, it also saves anyone from various dangerous illnesses and awful activities.

To summarize, the practice of cleanliness is important in Islam and many other religious beliefs. While religion encourages the practice of cleanliness, the science and medical field also strengthens the benefits gained with remaining clean. Cleanliness starts from within and should be reflected in the home. Maintaining a clean abode with the use of any cleaning materials or technologically enhanced cleaning like the Roomba (Roomba 980 or 960) helps every family a peaceful environment.