For many people, religion becomes the foundation in honing their reality. Religion has so much impact on person’s lives that it can dictate the flow of society to the point that it is irreversible. In this article, we will be talking about the three most significant areas that religion has control with.

Population’s Basic Belief System

Say for example that a society has strong religious belief, then the population would most likely adopt a belief mindset and system derived from a religion that is most dominant in their area. To give you an example:

  • USA has a dominant religion of Christianity and therefore, most of their citizens have values based on Christianity.
  • In India, they have a way of living derived from the tenets of Hinduism.
  • In Japan, the most widespread and oldest belief is Shintoism and this led to Japanese people having lots of values that are derived from it.
  • As for Indonesia, they have values that are mostly derived from Islam, which is not really a surprise for they are one of the countries populated by Muslims.

With this, people are shaping their reality in relation to their respecting values and teachings.

This in itself may cause problems particularly when there is any value of the religion that is contradicting to the way of life of the modern world.


This one will depend on which country you live. Things may be a bit unpleasant whenever there are involved religious institutions in creating local law. If you will look further into it, some of the politically inclined religion are the ones with citizens who are eager in imposing laws on government are Islam and Protestant Christianity.

In States, abortion law is a hot topic in which most legal institutions are specifying different methods of it but criminalizing abortion is endorsed mostly on religious grounds like the sanctity of life found in bible.

On the other hand, there are countries inclined in imposing Sharia Law which is an Islamic based law. For instance in Indonesia, this becomes a specific topic focused on Islamic provinces in the country which is Aceh.

Social Interaction

Religion will affect how people are interacting among each other. This is mainly because of their interaction between their specific belief system as well as law. In fact, even in arts, you can spot the differences of religion of people based on how it was created. Check out Paint by Numbers and you’ll see what I am talking about.