The Popularity of Steroids 

Ever since steroids came to the market, people find it hard to stop using it. Steroids, specifically anabolic steroids is a male hormone testosterone that aids muscle growth and even treats other serious illnesses if taken properly. Since steroids is a male hormone testosterone,  men usually take this drug to achieve a bulk body, especially those who are into weightlifting. But in the past years, women began using such drug because various sports competition, even weightlifting started involving women. With this, women also resort to steroids to enhance their performance and appearance.

Since a lot of people have seen the amazing benefits of steroids, people who are just regularly going to the gym are even using the drug just to prove to themselves and to others as well that they are capable of achieving their desired body weight and appearance. However, in the past years, it is believed that the number of steroids users lessen because apparently, too much steroids brings harmful effects to the body. Usually the worst case is that users get their liver damaged, and this is still happening right now.

Scientists were able to develop SARMs which are alternative drugs to steroids. SARMs or Ostarine such as MK-2866 are believed to be much safer and bring lesser side effects compared to regular steroids. However, even through drugs like this were developed, not all people agree with the development of performance enhancing drug per se.

Does Religious People Take Steroids?

Even though there are hundreds of thousand of steroids user all over the world. There are still those who do not believe in such drug. Say, for example, there are religious people who think that it is not righteous to take steroids or any form of performance enhancing drug. Below are the reasons why:

  • Some religious people only believe in natural supplements. They think that taking steroids is something that will ruin their beliefs
  • They believe that steroids are forbidden because there are various health risks associated with it.

However, despite these reasons, there are still religious people that use steroids, provided that they are using it for medical purposes.