Upgrading and Downgrading IE 8 to IE 11

Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer (IE) will be upgraded automatically next month. For a safer Web, that others might think Google’s model is correct. Since its launch three years ago, Google’s Chrome browser has been up graded in the backdrop without any user intervention.

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Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security, said: “At the present time, certainly customers space electronics industry, we expect the software to be the latest version. It is itself. “

Agreement from Microsoft that IE will be automatically upgraded from January to the latest version and it is the best thing for your Windows version. Users of Windows XP who are still in IE6 or IE7 will be updated to IE8. Windows Vista or Windows 7 who are still using IE 7 or IE 8 will probably moved to IE 9.

In the past, Microsoft requested approval before updating IE to the next level, even though Windows Automatic Updates is allowed. The company is set to start a new business  in the month of July in Brazil and Australia next month, develop its programs in different areas. Microsoft refuses to make advance reservations for US users today.

On the other hand, Chrome and Firefox transform to other type of quantity for at-least 1 month, allowing developers to add unfinished functionality for the next edition cycle in the next few months. This improvement may mean that IE must to be updated frequently, such as Firefox and Chrome and the regularly updated browser market. 

According to Storms, Microsoft needs to anticipate backlash.

“It’s a natural knee reaction,” he said, mentioning to the regular dilemmas every time automatic updates were discussed. “These complaints are centered around users who are generally concerned about losing control over their PCs. “Because of their way – they will respect your choice. But there is a technique to get out – I do not believe it is dangerous. ” Says Storm.

In an interview with Storm, “It’s a great chance for them to follow the flow” Microsoft does this automatically because the quality of Microsoft’s IE patches and updates is very high, as this is done in all other browsers. Agree? “