Sleep is an imperative and essential component for anyone wanting to build muscles and/or lose body fat. In fact, even if you have the best workout routine with the healthiest balanced diet, sleep is the only and best way for you to rest and restore your muscles.

Adequate And Quality Sleep For Muscle Growth And Recovery

Growth hormones, during sleep, is generated and where protein synthesis happens. Adequate sleep helps in preventing the breakdown of muscles and encourage fat loss. Moreover, as muscles and the body itself are allowed to recuperate, sufficient quality sleeps provide you more strength for your next workout.

For many bodybuilders (and many other individuals), sleep may not come easily. Hence, they look for ways to ensure they get the sleep and rest they require to reap its benefits. Taking the best sleep aid for bodybuilding is one. For instance, Hibernate, a potent sleep supplement contains a combination of powerful ingredients that helps you to fall asleep quicker, increase your REM sleep, and aid in the recovery and growth of your muscles while you sleep restfully.

Religion As Sleeping Aid

Apart from taking the best sleep aid for bodybuilding or other sleep aids, there are other factors or ways to improve sleep, many of which are proven effective whereas some are “unbelievable.” Take religion as an example. According research, a person’s religious involvement is said to be linked with numerous components of good health. For example, cancer patients were reported to experience fewer physical signs of cancer as well as better functions because of religion. Other studies discovered noteworthy associations between religion and improved mental health.

But are individuals who are involve, participate and engage in religion have better and longer sleep? A research took on this question and below are some of their discoveries:

  • Individuals who were involved in religion were likely to have a minimum of 7 hours of sleep every night. This connection was discovered only for individuals who were defined to have a “liberal-to-moderate” religions and not among people with “conservative” religions.
  • Individuals who join religious services regularly (at least once a week) are said to more likely have a sound quality of sleep.
  • Individuals who believe and are certain that God has control over their life report to have a better quality of sleep.

While these seem to be very interesting results, it is vital to take note that religion wasn’t at all link with sound and better sleep. One research, for instance, discovered that being actively involves in religion was associated with less quantity of sleep, poor quality of sleep, and increased use of sleep medications among people experiencing religious doubts. In general, however, being involved in religion and improved sleep goes together.