There are hundreds of microwaves for seniors these days. But if you think that is plenty enough, you’d even be more surprised how many spiritual beliefs and religions there are in the world.

What’s Abrahamic Religions?

Three religions that are dominating the world’s faith are considered Abrahamic religions. It’s named in such a way as each claims to be descendant from ancient Israelites and following God of Abraham. These 3 major religions are Islam, Christianity and Judaism.


Islam has nearly 1.3 billion members all over the world. Every member is referred as Muslims. While the said religion is quite popular in Middle East, members don’t necessarily have to be an Arab to become Muslim. Whether you believe it or not, the biggest Muslim nation is situated in Indonesia.

Its followers believe that there’s just one God, which is Allah and Mohamed is his last messenger. And contrary to popular belief, Islam isn’t a violent religion. There are 2 major sects for this religion and these are Shia and Sunni.


Christianity on the other hand has more or less 2.1 billion members, including 1.1 billion Roman Catholics, 373 million Protestants, 222 million Orthodox and 82 million Anglicans. As a matter of fact, Christians are making up nearly 30% of world’s population.

It was in the first century when the religion was founded from Judaism. Followers believe that Jesus Christ was son of God and Messhia for told of in Old Testament. In Christianity, there are actually three major sects and these are:

  1. Protestantism
  2. Roman Catholicism and;
  3. Eastern Orthodoxy


Among the three major Abrahamic religions, Judaism is actually the smallest in numbers with only almost 15 million members. Such as Sikhs, they’re ethnoreligious group. For every follower of Judaism, they’re called as Jews. At the same time, Judaism has several branches too with the most popular are the Conservative, Reform and Orthodox.

While we have learnt about the major religious groups, there are also other people who have different beliefs. Fact is, about 1 million people are followers of smaller religions and around 800,000,000 people tend to join non-religious groups while 153 million people chose to be atheist or someone who doesn’t believe in form of a higher being.