In times of despair we feel like nobody is out there to share our sorrows with, there is only ONE we can think of to have a heart-to-heart talk: He is God and God alone. It is He who truly knows what is inside our hearts, and it is only He who has the greatest power above all to help us with whatever we are going through at this moment. Even though God is the Almighty One, He is also our Father to whom we could spend our time to have a nice little chat, and that is through prayer.

But how can we talk to God and say everything that we have to say to the One who gave life on Earth? Should it be more casual and personal so that we can express all of our thoughts, or should it be more formal and respectful to show reverence to our only God? Do we need a funny soundboard to talk to him? As a guide, take a look at this special format of a Christian prayer that we call the ACTS.

The ACTS Method Of Talking To God

The ACTS method of prayer is not in anyway related to a book in the Bible. Rather, it is a simple acronym which will help you in delivering all those things that we need to say in our prayer. ACTS stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication.

We start the prayer with Adoration, wherein we offer God the praise and honor that He deserves for His undying love and creating us, His children, for He is the one and only Lord of Love and Light who reigns and lives forever.

The next part is Confession, in which we start to unload all our burden to God. Specifically, we become honest in all of our wrongdoings, and perhaps telling God the weaknesses in our hearts that led us into comitting those misdeeds. We also pray for God’s mercy and forgiveness so that we can move past from our mistakes and go on with our lives in hopes that we will never commit those sins again.

In Thanksgiving, we express how grateful and happy we are with the blessings that God has always been giving us since the very beginning. In spite of those times when we tend to forget about Him, who never gets tired of loving us with His creations, God is always there to provide us with our needs, and that is one enough reason to be very thankful to our Father.

The last part is Supplication, in which we can say our personal intentions and our requests and pray that God will listen to them. There is no question in God’s love for us all, and if our intentions are pure, God will grant us our prayers and protect us from all things that could harm us.

Even in other religions like Islam, prayer is the only tool to help us connect with our God and make us feel that even though He may not be physically present this time, God is always there to hear us and help us in our lives.