We are now at a turning point in history. The actions that we do right now will determine if the world will get better from now on, or continue to drift into new dark times.

While we moving in a world filled with cars, motorbikes (read reviews on motorcycle helmet cameras), and various technology, we have not forgotten about religion and the way it has shaped us into better persons.

Religion, faith and the role they play today

It is important to understand that bad circumstances do not just happen. The cultural decline that we see around us is not just a coincidence. It was caused. Until one understands this, one will not be able to defend oneself or deal with society effectively.

A society can make it through for many years, except if it is bombarded from the inside or outside by unpredictable causes. When this kind of attack takes place, the primary target is its religious and national leaders, its leadership potential, and the self-respect and integrity of its citizens.

“Religion is the most prominent perception of community. Your sense of community comes from mutual experiences with others.”

Probably the most defining point in the attack on a culture is its perception of religion. If one is able to destroy or undermine the religious institutions, the entire social structure can quickly become disrupted or ruined.

Religion is the most prominent sense of community. Your sense of community arises through mutual experiences with others. If the religious perception of community and genuine integrity and trust are ruined, you can compare that society with a sandcastle, a society that is not able to protect itself from the irremediable sea.

In the past hundred years, religion has been constantly under fire. You were told that it is “opium for the people”, unscientific and primitive; in short, that she is a delusion.

But behind all of these problems on traditional religions lay a considerably more essential aim, it is man’s spirituality, your inherent spiritual character, self-pride, and reassurance. This black propaganda ended up being so effective that you might not anymore believe there is a spiritual nature. However, I can assure you that you do.

You actually have no soul, you are your own soul. In other words, you are yourself.