Both technology and religion are matters of values and ideas.

Religion books have mixed data regarding technology. Yes, different characteristics but integrated in the modern world, in this case, the digital age.

The Lord din not only approve the first technological project which is the Noah’s ark but also produced its details and features. The design and specifications were commanded to build to save the animals and some people from the flood.  After this, the basic breeding stick was  rewarded with survival.

The human race had the chance to rejuvenate and spread once more. They discovered that they are capable of unlimited engineering ambitions so they constructed towers.

Together with the unlimited engineering ambitions of human race, technological pride oversteps its limits which God disapproves.

However, in a way, technology, urbanization, and modernization were factors of theological celebration by at least some Christians. Gadgets have been used for religious purposes. The spread of high technology accommodated different beliefs.

No one can deny the fact that technology is important in every aspects. The world today is experiencing a very tough situation and the only means of spreading the word of God is through the use of technology. Most of the religion sectors use the social media to deliver the Gospel or the word of God.  Some uses an online storage to share what is written in the bible and encourage people to live with it.

There are a lot of ways now to store the scriptures needed in our everyday lives. You can have your own external drive, USB or flash drive, and even look for  the best NAS for Plex server to create  your own library-like data of Gospels in your own computer or laptop.

Always remember, your faith will not depend on how many gadgets and storage of soft copy scriptures you have. God will not judge anyone by how you access His words but on how you obey Him.