Never did we imagine that we are going to live through a very challenging time in history. The COVID-19 pandemic has led into a series of unprecedented events that changed the way of living of billions of people worldwide. This period in history is comparable to the aftermath of the World Wars, as the virus causing this severe pneumonia-like illness continues to rage on in every corner of the globe, and what’s worse is that there is still no end in sight. However, we keep praying to our Almighty Father for protection and guidance, so that we can have the power to hope that one day, the threat of COVID-19 will be over.

But how can we keep such strong faith when everything around us seems to be falling apart? Not only our health and safety are on the line, even our livelihood and finances are on the brink of collapse. At this point of hopelessness, our source of strength should be the life and teachings of our Lord and Savior, who went through all hardships on Earth to prove that there is so much more in life that we should discover. Maybe this pandemic is the time for us to seek for what Christ has always wanted us to receive.

It Is The Time For Us To Come Closer To Our Lord And Savior’s Mercy And Compassion

It is hard to turn a blind eye on the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. For some people, they chose to look after themselves and figure out how they can survive the pandemic. Unfortunately, they have already forgotten to think and act for the sake of other people. Maybe this is what Jesus Christ wants us to remember, especially in this time of need. It is not only us who needs love and care. Other people could be more desperate for our love, and Christ is waiting for us to take action and offer our love to them.

This is also a time for us to practice our faith. Even as we await for the reopening of the churches, God would like us to connect to him, whenever and wherever, share what’s going on with our lives and be close to Him as our Almighty Father. He is aware of our pain and hardships, and He is only waiting for us to talk to Him. Through prayer, we no longer need to know if there is a usps near me to send a personal note to God. He is always there, waiting for us to open up and communicate with Him. 


We should not let the illusion of suffering and death brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic to make us believe that God is pushing us away. Instead, let us find strength in His words and promises that we are always in good hands as long as we put our faith in God.