We have a lot of different religions. Each has its own house of God, teachings, bible, beliefs and practices. The world is mostly dominated by Catholics. Catholics have a lot of churches. These churches have its own patrons and structures. Catholics are not required to attend mass every Sunday, but are encouraged of course to spend a day to the house of the Lord. Will one be condemned if he or she is not a church goer?

The answer is, yes, for some Catholics, they do not tolerate such behavior. For some it is a must for everyone to attend the mass eat the holy eucharist and repent for your sins and even make peace with other people. However, the mentioned perception is just a mere subjective opinion. Your faith cannot be measured by attending mass every Sunday. In fact, not all church goers are entitled or certified saved when the Christ returns. People have their own beliefs, they might belong to a particular religion but that does not guarantee them that they are the kindest of them all.

Sins are not like a dirty house that can be easily cleaned with the help of a شركة تنظيف منازل , but it can be vanished not just by attending the mass regularly or every Sunday. Even if one is not inside the church, if he or she repents for a wrong doing, the Lord listens and without a doubt accepts that sinful person.

We do not condemn people who are not showy of their beliefs. We do not know the good deeds these people are doing outside the church which is more important. It reflects the goodness of the one and only Christ to other people. This is the real teaching everyone should practice without any doubtful intentions but only genuineness.