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See the top reasons garden wedding locations are so popular!

Your bouquets are waiting for you.

Walking down the aisle in a garden allows you avoid the flower preparation. If your wedding is in a garden, lovely flowers and other foliage will already be all around you. You won’t have to carry flowers inside to place between you and your significant other or at the end of the seats. Rather, the wedding’s atmosphere is provided by the natural beauty. Likewise, this applies to the welcome. Understated centerpieces are appropriate for an outdoor celebration amid the blooming garden, since the venue will have taken care of the décor.

It’s a great way to flaunt your appreciation of nature.

If you’re being married in a garden, chances are you enjoy the outdoors. A garden venue provides your wedding a much more laid-back vibe than a standard ballroom and allows for a more natural appearance (imagine overflowing flower beds and butterflies fluttering over your I Dos). The pair may also adopt a more somber demeanor. At a garden wedding ceremony, loose hair, a simple wedding dress, natural makeup, and no ties or tuxedos would all look great.

Your images will be vibrant and full of color.

Even if you’re wearing all white, your pictures will have the vivid pinks, oranges, and purples that you find in garden flowers. Nothing is more beautiful than a pair holding hands in front of the camera when surrounded by a garden’s abundant flowers and verdant foliage.

It provides a cozy setting for a wedding.

Weddings amid the flowers will often be tiny affairs because most garden sites are on the smaller side and don’t have much space for seats on either side of a makeshift aisle. A garden wedding could be the best option if you and your partner desire a modest ceremony while yet enjoying all the advantages of a stunning outside setting.