For years it was strictly forbidden: reading your horoscope. After all, it is occultism and it is strongly condemned by the Bible and by consequence also by the Church. But it was also astrologers who traveled to Bethlehem after seeing a strange star in the sky and thus discovering the birth of the Messiah. So sometimes God has a special plan and temporarily allows us to look at the stars and be guided by them. So, let’s take a look at how the church sees each Zodiac Sun Signs in the calendar.

Catholic Teaching on Horoscopes, Astrology, Palm Reading, Mediums etc.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19). Aquarius are fun and genius people. There is no zodiac sign as charming and intelligent as the Aquarius. Furthermore, it can be noted that they are especially not proud, because Aquarians are far too good for that.

FISH (Feb 20 – Mar 20). Fish are good-humored, sympathetic and artistic. They are sometimes a bit naive and tend to multiply miraculously when Jesus is around.

RAM (Mar 21 – Apr 20). Rams are bossy and combative. Rams like power that if given such, they tend to boss around their subordinates to the extent of blowing their whistle when rules are not followed.

BULL (Apr 21 – May 21). Bulls are casual, but reliable. They have an inner peace. Bulls are also greedy to the extent that the bull can take a unique opportunity to pick up four purses, a beer mat and a golden rosary from the corpses.

TWINS (May 22 – June 21). Gemini are communicative and loving. Sometimes a bit too communicative and loving. While the twins are communicative, they tend to gossip. The Pope would say “Stop gossiping now.” So the message is go to confession. It is also permissible to go to Eucharistic worship instead.

LOBSTER (June 22 – July 22). Lobsters are sentimental. God almighty, lobster, brace yourself! Are you a Catholic or a crybaby? It is high time for Eucharistic worship. Don’t forget to bring that golden rosary that you inherited from your great aunt. It could come in handy again.

LION (July 23 – Aug 23). Lions are confident and sometimes even a bit arrogant. Lions like to fill their ego by showing that they can give generously.

VIRGIN (24 Aug – 23 Sept). Virgos are modest. They have both feet on the ground. They also hold both legs tightly together, which explains the name of this zodiac sign. Of all the constellations, this is perhaps the most Catholic. Mother Teresa was a virgin and she was quite Catholic.

SCALE (Sept 24 – Oct 23). The scale is cultivated, reliable and charming. There’s no bad word to say about scales, although they can sometimes be sensitive to jokes about their weight. Libra could be a shining example for many Catholics!

SCORPION (Oct 24 – Nov 22). The scorpion is associated in mythology with Hades, the god of the underworld. Scorpions are ambitious, persistent and fanatical. Sometimes they are also destructive.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21). Sagittarians are progressive, eager to learn and optimistic. Saggittarians always believe that there is hope in every situation. They have that positive attitude that can spread like virus.

CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 20 Jan). Capricorn is a practical, yet calm person, and not easily discouraged. While everyone could go in a panic mode, the capricorn can keep his calm and convince everyone that everything is going to be alright.