It’s true there are many religions exist in this world- people have different beliefs. When talking about religion, we often think about God or supernatural power.

Indeed, it is true because religion means to have faith in God and to have something we believed in. Almost every people believes in religion, diversely. It is said religion is created by God which is connected to a human being, and by that religion defines culture, love, faith, and unity.

Today, let us enumerate and get to know the top most influential and powerful religions in the world with the most numbers of adherents and believers.


Christianity is the largest most populous religious group in the world with 2.4 billion followers. Its adherents know as Christian. Christians believed that Jesus is the son of God and saviour of all people. Jesus considered the pioneer of the Christian religion.

Christianity began in the 1st Century in the Roman province as a Community. Jesus spread religion across Europe and other countries. It has four major branches Catholic Church, Protestantism, Eastern Orthodox Church, and Oriental Orthodox. Christianity also has an own religious holy book that’s called as a Bible, which is the collection of sacred scriptures. 

Indeed, Christianity is considered the richest religion in the world.


Islam is one of the world’s fastest-growing major religions and is the second most popular religion in the world with over 1.9 Billion followers. Its adherents are known as Muslims, Islam religion teaches that God is one that’s called ‘Allah and that God is powerful, merciful, and unique. They also believe in Muhammad as a messenger of God.

It is said that Islam religion historically originated in the 7th century in Mecca, Islam has mainly two denominations: Sunni and Shia. Islam has own religious holy book that is known as the Quran, which is considered to be the final revelation of God. 


Hinduism is the world’s oldest and third largest religion with 1.5 Billion followers, its adherent is known as Hindu. There are many God and Goddess exist in Hindu religion. The teaching that is only one God, many forms. Most of the Hindu followers reside in South Asia (India), and East Asian countries like Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand.

Hindu religion is one of the oldest religion in the history of humanity.

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