When we hear the word “water”, plenty of things come to our minds, such as: drinking water, pools and beaches, to name a few. But most of the time, water means potable liquid to drink. This is where the benefits of technology and innovation benefit us a lot. Since we are now more cautious about our health more than our money, we choose to make sure that most of the foods and drink we intake is clean and safe. For instance, when are at home and the water that we are drinking comes from the tank, we still choose to install the top under sink water filter just to make sure that the water we are drinking is free from toxic chemicals and microorganism.

In relation to the above-mentioned statements, water in other sector symbolizes “faith” and “pure cleanliness”, and that is religionWater is considered a very sacramental element in every religion. This is because of the main purpose of water, and that is to make someone or something clean. Water is used to get rid of dirt. Hence, making something clean as new, be it a thing or a person.

Moreover, the role of water does not only stop at cleansing something/someone physically, but it is also believed to cleanse the spiritual being of a person, especially those who are faithful in their Lord. Water is an essential part of our daily lives, we will not be here today because of water because in order to live, we have to drink water every day.

Almost all religion use water, even while conducting a holy mass. The water being used to bless the attendees is holy water, believed to be blessed by God.

In the religion Christianity, water is extremely important, because Jesus’ baptismal involves water. Even today, Christians’ baptismal takes place in the water, similar to how Jesus was baptist by John the Baptist.

There is a story in the Bible which talks about how Jesus gives water to a Samaritan. Upon, giving the water, the woman (samaritan) did not feel thirsty ever again.

These are just some of the roles of water in religion. Basically, water symbolizes the same in whatever aspect of our lives.