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The Internet and it’s Impact on People’s Religious Affiliation

Although we may know our way around the internet, we still do not completely recognize and comprehend the effects and repercussions that the Internet has yielded on our personal as well as cultural aspect of our lives, as the internet carries an extensive range of sites of various subject matter, for instance our spirituality and religion. Documents on various religion are now vastly available online as well as several forms of religious practice or worship that could be participated or done online.

While some have refused to recognized the validity and potentials of the internet, a lot of various spiritual groups get their presence and message across a global audience via the internet. The way the internet has altered certain religious practices or vice versa has yet to be studied in depth.

For example, as per a study that was published in Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, individuals who frequently surf or browse the internet are found to be more unaffiliated to any religious group. The fraction of Americans who are unaffiliated or who don’t identify themselves with a religious has been increasing and the study insinuates that the internet could be playing a weighty role regarding this matter.

According to the author of the study, Paul K. McClure of Baylor University, for the past two decades, he has observed the radical impact brought by technology on people’s social lives. He then began to wonder how the internet may influence religious institutions, beliefs, as well as practices. It is known by many that the internet has transformed commerce, politics, relationships, and even attention spans, however only a few take notice of the impacts of the internet on religion.

In his research, McClure learned that intensified internet usage was linked with a declined probability of being affiliated to a religious group. But, increased internet usage wasn’t correlated with lessened participation and engagement in religious undertakings.

To find out more about his study, research on “Tinkering with Technology and Religion in the Digital Age: The Effects of Internet Use on Religious Belief, Behavior, and Belonging”.