There are many worship songs that light my soul on fire and increase my faith in God. So many Christian artists are releasing songs for worship services, but many are also focusing on choosing the right beat and lyrics to energize you through your day.

A great way to find encouragement and become inspired is to let lose together grooving to Christian music. The key is to find the right hits and many songs that will pump you up are not always played on your favorite Christian radio station.

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1.“Reach” by Peter Furler

As one of the most successful and award-winning singers and songwriters in contemporary Christian music, Furler has crafted his own sound and has nothing left to prove. But the beat inside goes on, as does the quest to create new music that not only reflects his personal journey with God, but also inspires a generation to follow.

And their favorite lyrics?

“I give You all of my hopes and dreams
I lay them down
Of all the place I’ve looked
You’re the one truth I have found”

For him, he find its release through melody and testimony.

2.“Burn for You” by tobyMac

“I feel revived again, I am alive again
(Burnin’ for you) You got me lifted and lifted you lift me up
I feel revived again, I’m energized again
(Burnin’ for you) You got me lifted and lifted you lift me up “

It is with no doubt how calming and inspiring this song by TobyMac. If you ever felt the need to be revived and feel alive with his holy presence again, then make sure you have this on your playlist.

3.“Born Again” by Newsboys

we all wanted to be born again, this time with the Lord’s holy presence. this is definitely the song you need to hear. Already a live highlight at their concerts, “Born Again” is where newsboys truly become a band renewed, and they collectively view the song as representative of everything the band has gone through this past year.

“Giving Him the best of
Everything that’s left of
The life inside this man
I’ve been born again”