Archbp. Salvatore Cordileone of the San Francisco Archdiocese announced last Monday that they have filed for bankruptcy amidst hundreds of lawsuits faced by the archdiocese. According to the Archbishop they believe the legal bankruptcy proceedings will provide an equitable and compassionate solution to the survivors of the child sex abuse cases faced by archdioceses. At the same time, it will ensure the continuing ministries of the Catholic  church to the faithful worshippers of many communities that rely on the services and charities to the communities.
The Archbishop says the move is similar to the bankruptcy cases filed in other Catholic dioceses in the Bay Area. Filing of the Chapter 11 bankruptcy will enable dioceses to survive the financial fallouts brought about by the hundreds of child sex abuse cases involving the archdioceses.

Lawyer of Victims Criticize the Archbishop’s Move

Jeff Anderson, lawyer of the victims of the alleged child sexual abuse criticized Archbishop Cordileone’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy announcement. He contends that the Archbishop’s move only demonstrates his intention to keep everything secret as a means of self-protection.

According to the Consumer.Org website, accounts of thousands of childhood sexual abuse cases in the US have been documented as they have been published as news reports and gathered in databases of advocacy groups. Catholic officials have also given statements that around 5,300 members of the clergy, including priests, have been accused of childhood sex abuses.