President Joe Biden announced last May 04 that his administration will proceed with the original plan to raise the refugee admission cap of 15,000 to 62, 500. Immediately following the announcement, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statement welcoming the President’s reversal of a previous decision to let stay, ex-president Trump’s order to cut refugee admission to only 15,000.

Actually, the reversal of his decision to keep Trump’s 15,000 cap came as a result of the backlash coming from some Democratic lawmakers and supporters who are refugee advocates. The U.S. President, who is himself a devout Catholic, made a quick turnabout, by saying that his final action removes the historically low number set by former president Trump as it does not reflect the country’s values of welcoming and supporting refugees.

Brief Summary of the USCCB’s Message to President Biden

The statement, signed by Bishop Mario E. Dorsonville, who chairs USCCB Migration Commission Migration Commission expressed appreciation, saying that “extending help to those who need it most is a step in the right direction.”

Bishop Dorsonville added that it’s a critical step toward rebuilding the impaired Refugee Admissions Program, which was apparently crippled when Trump slashed the cap down to a historically low level of 15,000.

Through the statement, Bishop Dorsonville gave emphasis to the fact that the U.S. has for decades, been at the forefront of refugee resettlement. He added that being a nation of immigrants, the U.S. has a moral obligation to extend help to those in need around the world.

In closing the statement, Bishop Dorsonville reminds everyone that the Catholic Church’s teaching is that every human being is created after God’s image, which makes it important for each person to protect, give value as well as respect the inherent dignity that every individual possesses.