The idea of a connection between faith and math is not new. This is not just an intellectual connection. It is also an emotional one. The feeling that we get when we think about the infinite nature of space, or contemplate the complexity of life, that feeling can be described as spiritual awe and it is something that many people experience in mathematics.

Why do we need to talk about math and religion?

Mathematics and religion have been intertwined for centuries. This is because of the mathematical aspects in the Bible and other religious texts. So, it’s not a surprise that people are interested in this topic. Religious texts often contain mathematical concepts. That is not surprising because mathematics is a way of organizing and representing the world. There are many examples in religious texts that can be interpreted as mathematics. For example, the description of Ezekiel’s vision in the Bible is given with many ancient signposts and measurements to describe “thirty cubits high” and “twelve steps” inside a walled city (Ezekiel 40:4).

What does theology have to do with mathematics?

Science and faith have always been seen as two opposing forces, but there are many people who find the two to be compatible. There are many scientists who consider themselves religious and there are also many religious people who find science to be an important part of their faith.

Theology can help us understand the world around us, but mathematics is a way of understanding the world we live in.

How can we apply theology to mathematics?

Mathematics is a highly contested topic in the theological world, contested that you will come to a point that you will ask someone “do my math homework”. For example, there are some religious beliefs that do not believe in the use of numbers. However, there are also those who believe that mathematics is the language of God. that reveals His will.This often leads to conflicts of interpretations. For example, one branch of Islam prohibits the use of numbers in calculations like 2+2=4 because, according to them, this concept is false as God created the universe with only a single unit: 1. However, Christian theology is based on a numerical system that requires two units to equal four and there are many references in the Bible that point out this fact such as Job 38:4 “Where wast thou when I laid the foundation of the earth?”