Belief is when we are considering that something is true regardless if we can prove it a hundred percent or not. Each and everyone has their own beliefs about the world and life. As mentioned, a belief can just be about anything like for instance, one might believe that cabinet manufacturer South Dakota is way better compared to others in the region.

Beliefs and Religion

With religion on the other hand, belief is something that is relevant to spirituality and humanity. According to sources, religion is the collection of belief systems, cultural systems as well as worldviews that are connecting spirituality to humanity and at times, moral values. There are a lot of religions that have symbols, narratives, sacred histories and traditions.

It has the tendency to derive religious laws, ethics, morality or at times, preferred lifestyles. As a matter of fact, there are numerous religions that have clergy, organized behaviors which sets a definition of what is constituting membership or adherence, regular meetings or even services for the goal of veneration of prayer or deity, congregations of laity and/or scriptures.

Practicing Religion

In regards to practicing religion, it might include commemoration, sermons of activities of gods or a god, festivals, sacrifices, feasts, funerary services, initiations, meditation, matrimonial services, art, music, dance, public service or any other elements of human culture.

Religious Belief

Beliefs in religion, more specifically in spirituality have been in existence.

There are lots of societies who left us with a bunch of historical evidence of their belief system whether it was about worshipping gods and goddesses, worshipping the sun and so forth.

A good example of beliefs left by history includes but not limited to:

  • Stonehenge
  • The Bamiyan Buddhas
  • The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid
  • Fujiyama
  • Uluru at Alice Springs
  • Sacred mountain of Japan
  • Kaaba in Saudi Arabia

In other words, religion is describing the relationship of humans to what they believe as “sacred, divine, spiritual or holy”. Usually, it is being accompanied by set of organized practices that is fostering community of people who is sharing the same faith. Since religion and beliefs have a deep connection to mankind, it sometimes have an influence on a person’s identity and decision-making.