Regardless of the industry, there are numerous frauds and scams to cheat and rip off unsuspecting victims. These frauds and scams are also present in the towing industry which are a threat to a lot of vehicle owners. Because of this, many motorists find it hard to trust towing companies, even though many are honest and reliable such as Tow Truck San Jose.

Towing Scams To Watch Out For

Most often, towing scams target stranded motorists and take advantage of the vulnerable situation that they are in. Deceitful towing companies or tow truck drivers will do anything that they could to be able to get from their victims as much money as they could. Hence, you must be aware of the different towing scams out there. By equipping yourself with such knowledge, you can identify and easily avoid being tricked and scammed and be able to find a reliable towing company like Tow Truck San Jose. With that, here are some towing scams to be aware of:

Be Wary Of Tow Truck Drivers With Perfect Timing

Many dishonest tow truck drivers patrol and search the roads for a stranded vehicle. Sometimes, they even listen to police radios. Oftentimes, they will stop and do all they can to convince you to get their towing service. They take your car keys, hand the paperwork to you, and haul away your vehicle. After this, they will charge you for more cash or even store your car even if it isn’t necessary. To get back your car, you again need to pay.

Some Tow Truck Companies Pay For Opportunities For Towing

In some places, tow trucks aren’t allowed to be roaming around to search for towing opportunities. Because of this, they hire someone or another company to find potential towing opportunities. The person or company they have hired will then report to the towing company this potential towing job, particularly vehicles with parking violations. Find reliable towing services online through this link –

Dishonest Towing Companies Use Your Car As Hostage

If a tow truck lifts your vehicle on their truck, know that they don’t necessarily have the legal right to do this, especially without your approval or permission. So make certain you research and read about the towing laws and regulations in your area as well as your rights. When tow truck drivers do this, they will demand payment before returning your car. If you don’t have money to pay for it or simply refuse to pay, the driver of the tow truck still has the legal obligation to unhitch and return your vehicle. If the driver of the tow truck leaves with your vehicle especially without your permission because you did not pay, you can bring this matter to court.