Since time immemorial, man used so many mediums to define their religious beliefs.

Mediums like, songs, art, literature and dances are a few of them. This helps man express their beliefs and makes their worship more meaningful. Art is often used to express religious beliefs in so many ways. The Catholic faith has statues of different Saints present in all their churches. They are intricately made to symbolize a Holy person who guides and protects them from harm. In some religion like Taoism some local gods are comparable to the Saints of the Roman Catholics. They are also beautifully made with love and dedication. In the Orthodox Church their churches have beautiful icons. They dress them with gold and clothings with intricate colors. This is their representation of heaven. They show their followers how heaven may look like. Through this, it teaches their followers to abide with their teachings. Abiding with their teachings would mean they will be in this beautiful place when they die.

A Brief History of Religion in Art

In other cultures they often fill their homes with religious art as well. In Hinduism Art has an important link to their worship and devotion. The Hindus observe Diwali. During this time colorful patterns made from grains and sand are often made. They embellished this art formation at the doorsteps of every home. The vibrant colors represents light. The purpose of this is to give a warm welcome to their local gods Rama and Sita. They are divine beings whom they patronize during this special time. The Hindus put pride in the beautification of their shrines. They devote this to please their gods. Their worship becomes intimate and meaningful with these mediums.
For Buddhist they often have beautiful shrines with the statue of Buddha. An important art for the Buddhist is the Mandala. For them the Mandala symbolizes the entire universe. The mandala may not necessarily be a tangible object. Some of them create this object in their minds through meditating. This object helps them along their way to enlightenment.
Another medium used to express our religion is Music. Religious songs, instrumental music or chants provides an atmosphere for worship. For most religion music is a medium to communicate with their gods and other divine entity. History would say that the contents of religious texts were not written but sung. In some point in history most Christian masses were sung not recited. We can teach our children about one’s faith through songs. They can learn many things about their beliefs through religious songs. When we teach our children these songs, we are passing a great gift to them. They will treasure this and take importance of it. For more perfect gift ideas to give our 15-year old daughters read more on:
Music in in religion is important in so many ways. Many culture still practice traditional religious activities. This rituals are accompanied by chants and music that is necessary to make it sacred. Calming songs and Music fills churches and other places of worship. These reminds their followers that a special moment is created.