Lip Syncing – One Way of Praising God

Different ways to challenge a person’s ability and capability are seriously invading the entertainment and social media industry. Ice bucket challenge and online dancing challenge in front of the computer are just some of the examples of those. However, what’s more trending nowadays is the lip sync battles which had been accepted by many in different walks of life.

Just recently, lip sync videos of different policemen have gone viral. And, all of those draw the nicest smile in every viewers face. To add up with the thrill is the available lip sync apps over the social media like the tiktok.

Viral lip syncing of Police Department

This rooted from one police officer who performed his lip sync video inside his car. After sharing it on Facebook, it immediately gone viral. The challenge now for all police department in the country is to create and share their own inspiring videos online. And, lots of policemen accepted the challenge of sending their own video of themselves lip syncing.

To no surprise, it keeps on getting higher. Every posted video from each police department have creativity and production value. This challenge keeps on making the viewers happy while watching each uplifting and inspiring videos. Moreover, the challenge is also one great way of showing the good and funny side of our police officers.

Police officer lip sync his praises to God

The Hollywood, Alabama Police Department have one outstanding policeman that make his way to stardom by performing a special lip sync. A Chief Helper together with his K9 Fox lip sync the hit song “I Can Only Imagine”. This collaboration of the police officer and his K9 friend is very powerful and really an amazing one.

Another interesting fact about this lip sync performance is that the song is the first faith-based lip sync that had gone viral. There are various video posts using the same song. However, the production is so elaborate with lots of special effects and performers. To differentiate this policeman-K9 performance, theirs created lip sync to attract the viewers to listen more to the lyrics.

This lip sync video collaboration helps you to focus on the lyrics and let yourself be filled with the spirit of God.

In their performance, the police officer knelt down and raise his hand to the Lord. This exemplifies an amazing manifestation of faith to our God. It is such a wonderful moment to see this policeman praising God and shouting his faith all over the world. This policeman showcase his faith and its influence.

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Embracing New Age Beliefs, Adhering to Doctrines Devoid of Rules and Restrictions

A 2018 Pew Research survey showed that a huge percentage of nearly seventy percent (70%) self-professed Catholics in the U.S. embrace one or more New Age beliefs. Of the 70%, 42 percent believe spiritual energy can be derived from physical things, 40 % believe there is spirituality in mystical physics, 29 percent believe in reincarnation, while 26 percent believe their fate is determined by forces of astrology.

In all those beliefs, Christians and members of any other religion do not have to be at the mercy of one god, because as the New Age teaches, the Gods revered by most religions are already dead. That being the case, New Age followers do not have to be bound by old religious doctrines when searching for truth and self-fulfillment. Basically, the rule has been rewritten to doing “whatever feels good as long as no one gets hurt in the process.”

The problem, however, is not the New Age beliefs, but the perception by many that it is a new form of religion that makes any forms  of worship and way of life, justifiable. There are no prophecies about a “second coming” and no threats of damnation to those who do not believe in the prophecy. If taken as a religion, it appeals to those who prefer not to work for a traditional religious concept of living one’s life, toward the salvation of one’s soul. After all, the New Age doctrine inculcates that man’s soul will reincarnate, and not burn in hell or transcend into a life everlasting. .

The Problem with New Age is That…

New Age aims to awaken in man the belief that human beings are by nature, divine. They only need to learn how to send out their divine spirit, or look for a medium with which to channel their divine facet. To do this, New Age believers must use crystals, which means a believer has to buy them from some specialty New Age stores to make sure the crystals work.

Practicing New Age means spending hours in meditation, and the proper way to do this is to listen to New Age recorded music. There is a wide range of New Age music to choose from; specifically composed as background music for self-hypnosis that paves the way for mystical healing or for getting in touch with different world spirits.

Now while a New Age believer is at a specialty music store, looking for meditational, non-verbal music, there is an array of accessories which he or she can buy for prepping up one’s surroundings in order to make it suitable for an astral adventure. A single session of meditation works well with cup of “aura cleanser,” which actually is just a concoction of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle

One interesting buy that can cost as much as fourteen dollars ($14), is a ten-milliliter bottle containing “essence of guardian angel support.” Probably a good buy for those who are not aware that the Christian God offers guardian angel support for free.

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